Milagrow promises a good robotic back massage

Your kid may mistake it for a toy car

Back Massaging Robot Wheeme 2020 is a mouthful name for a simple robotic back massager.

Though it looks like a battery-operated toy car, this little back voyager shoots out vibrations to gently massage your back. The lockdown may have gotten to you, but don’t let that extra house and office work make your back ache at the end of the day. Simply relax on your tummy and let the Wheeme 2020 take charge of those aching spine muscles.

Equipped with Tilt Sensor technology to avoid loss of grip and falling when held at an angle lesser than 45 degrees, the Wheeme 2020 gently massages your back. The Wheelme is priced at a very affordable 2,990. Make sure your kid does not get a whiff of your new toy.