Microsoft's Xbox Music gets a new name: Groove Music

And it's likely to launch alongside Windows 10

Microsoft hasn't given up on providing a music streaming service. What was initially Zune Music became Xbox Music, and now it's undergoing another rebrand. Say hello to Groove Music (as named by, apparently, your dad), which is likely to launch alongside Windows 10 with a reworked subscription plan.

Microsoft intends to make the service more identifiable by pulling it away from its initial Xbox-affiliated music service. The Xbox Music service was not specifically for Xbox users, but unsurprisingly its name gave rise to the misconception that it was; the rebranding should help correct that. Groove Music will not launch with an ad-supported free subscription tier, a decision which falls in line with Microsoft's initial plan to remove free content streaming on Windows devices.

Groove allows you to upload your own MP3s into the collection thanks to OneDrive integration, allowing you to play your music on any platform.The Groove App will appear in select markets this week while a wider launch is scheduled for Window 10’s release date, 29th July.

[Source: DigitalTrends]