Microsoft's new 1TB Xbox One debuts with a new controller that supports direct headphone input

The standard 500GB model gets a price cut too

Microsoft has officially unveiled a new 1TB Xbox One model which doubles the storage of its original predecessor.

In addition to a new matte finish (which should hopefully cut down on visible dust and fingerprints, the new Xbox One will also support external USB 3.0 hard drives, and will land with an upgraded controller to boot.

The new controller now has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which means that gamers can plug regular headphones directly into it, without the need for an annoying adaptor, which is currently sold separately.

It's an incredibly useful feature that the PlayStation 4 controller has had since the very beginning, though better late than never we suppose.

The controller's bumpers have also been "fine tuned" for more consistent performance along their entire length, and it now supports wireless firmware upgrades instead of relying on a cable connection.

The new 1TB Xbox One will set gamers back £350 (about ₹34,500) when it arrives on 16 June, while the existing 500GB model's price has been cut to £300 (₹29,500). Official Indian prices to be out soon.

The improved controller will also be available to buy separately, and we're waiting to hear back from Microsoft for a price tag.