Microsoft’s bringing you a smart (and neon) wireless charger

Charging woes may soon be gone courtesy Microsoft
Nokia DT-903 Smart Wireless Charging Plate

Microsoft’s smart, glowing wireless charger

Some like their wireless device charging pads to be unobtrusive, and to just blend into the backdrops of their lives. Fair enough. But if you’d rather have something with a little (well, a lot of) flair, consider checking out Microsoft’s new Nokia DT-903 Smart Wireless Charging Plate.

Indeed, the Nokia brand gets trotted out once more here, surprisingly; maybe this was planned to launch sooner and missed its target. Whatever the case, the DT-903 has a couple of standout features. First, it’s super bright, emitting a neon orange, green, or white light depending on the model. You can customize the brightness and turn it off entirely during nighttime hours, but otherwise it’s a big and bold effect.

And secondly, it has special smart features for Lumia phones paired over Bluetooth Low Energy. If your phone is running low, the plate will “breathe” out a lighting effect from the bottom to remind you to charge the device, and if you’ve missed notifications, a light on the charger will glow. Those features don’t work with all phones, but really, you can charge anything with Qi wireless support - including Android devices.

The DT-903 is available now in the US for $60 (about 3700), and if you really want to see the lighting effect in action, check out The Verge’s hands-on impressions for more. Let's hope the nifty device lands on our shores soon.


[Source: Microsoft via The Verge]