Microsoft announces cheaper Surface 3 model with less storage

Hacking the size of your SSD could save you a pretty penny

In a blog post today Microsoft announced a new budget model of its Surface 3 tablet.

The new, less costly Surface will feature reduced storage space, only allowing for a maximum of 128GB, but other than that will feature the same innards as its predecessors: a 1.7GHz Core i7 processor and 8GB memory. Its price point stands at $1299 (about ₹82,500), which is exactly the same as the i5 version with twice as much storage. Raw power or disk space - the choice is yours.

The new tablet will be launched to business customers on 3rd July and will become available to retailers "in the coming weeks".

Earlier this year, we told you how we liked the fine build quality and keyboard cover of the Surface 3, but it lacked one of the most desirable tools in tablet's arsenal: mobile connectivity. So we're glad to say the cheap model wasn't the only announcement of the day, and Microsoft also lifted the lid on another addition to its tablet family: a 4G-enabled version of the Surface 3.

The Surface 3 4G LTE follows the same release schedule of the new budget model, and will only become available to consumers after a business only release.