Metaio purchase suggests Apple is getting into augmented reality

With its rivals getting into VR and AR, Apple isn’t falling far from the tree

Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have all been making headlines by stepping into the virtual reality world – now Apple is getting in on the game.

The company reportedly purchased the augmented reality startup Metaio, a company that previously developed virtual reality tours for Ferrari cars, a display of Germany had the Berlin Wall not come down - not to mention the first true AR app for Google Glass.

But recently, in what looked like a social-media panic, Metaio took down its Twitter accounts and its website no longer lists any products, supposedly in anticipation of the coming of its new lords and masters.

Unfortunately, customers are unlikely to see any developments in augmented or virtual reality any time soon; while there are rumours about augmented reality featuring in the iOS 9 update to Apple Maps, it is more likely that the company will bide its time and watch its competitors work out the bugs before releasing their own products.

For now, we can only speculate on what Apple’s VR will look like, but we predict that the colour scheme will include only chrome, white and black. Or a gold feature for about ₹8 lacs more.

[Source: TechRadar]