Merc’s new GLE luxury SUV is now in India

Ride a wave of torque with the GLE 250D and 350D

The M-Class is dead? No it’s not! The name might be history gone but Merc’s vision of an uber-luxe SUV lives on in the new GLE

Mercedes-Benz might have done away with the M-class nomenclature, but that doesn’t mean they’re abandoning the cushy, uber-luxurious (and uber-pricey) SUV market. Nope. And to prove it, they’ve brought the new GLE over to India.

The GLE’s available in 2 variants - the 250D (₹58.90 lakh ex-showroom Delhi) and the 350D (₹69.90 lakh ex-showroom Delhi). The 250D’s 2.1l, 4-cycle motor gives it power output figures of 204hp and a 500Nm. Even if, by some stretch of the imagination, someone thinks that’s a bit weedy (you must be joking!), there’s the 350D and its 3l, 6-cycle engine - with 258hp and 620Nm. All that is pushed to the wheels via the 9G-Tronic transmission. Happy? We sure hope so…

But the GLE’s more than about riding a meaty wave of torque as you barrel down an expressway. It’s an SUV, so it gets Merc’s 4Matic AWD system with Downhill Speed Regulation, along with Dynamic Select driving modes. You also get plenty of safety kit - ESP, Crosswind Assist, Active Parking Assist, 6 airbags… And there’s plenty of geeky gadgetry - Comand Online with telematics, a touchpad, and of course, Merc’s super-cool 360-degree camera that makes parking this ocean-liner-sized SUV easy as pie.