Mercedes Benz is building a luxury pick-up truck

Go bonkers already!

Pick-up trucks are fun. You can have your friends in the back while you whip up some sand on the beach. Or you could even use it for, you know, actual meaningful things, like stocking up on beer. What if we told you that Mercedes is building one? A luxury one?

Mercedes hopes to have the production models ready for sale within five years and are targeting major markets across the world including Latin America, South Africa, Australia and Europe for its debut. Hey what about Asia? We would love to drive around in one of these to work, pancaking traffic snarls. We are kidding about the pancaking bit. Why so serious?

The sporty new truck will be offered with four or six-cylinder engine options and will come built-in with an infotainment system. Nice. But here is what we want. First launch the standard version in India, then launch the AMG version with a ridiculous power spec. Then send one over for a review!