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With monsoons refusing to die down, we’ve got the best laptops to get your head back in the game.

Whether you’re a gamer, globetrotter or student, it may not be a reason to stay indoors, but we’ve got you covered for the one-off day you don’t feel fresh as a petal and wanna work from home. Though we at Stuff India most certainly don’t encourage that! There’s always rainbows and butterflies to be seen out of our office window we don’t wanna miss out on.


Need more deets on our cover story? Well okay then. Not only do we have the ultra-powerful HP Omen x 17, which is the stuff of dreams for on-the-go gamers, but we’ve also had an exclusive first look at the Asus ZenBook Pro. You know it’s got a display in the touchscreen? That’s pure filth.

Of course it’s not just portable PCs that we’ve got on offer. If your phone is older than your grandma, it’s the perfect time to get yourself an upgrade. Now that Samsung is out with a horde of gadgets, including Note 9, time to dip into the fixed deposits and spoil yourself.


The MacBook Pro has always held the elitist pedestal that's on everyone's wish list, even if it's just to enhance your image. This 2018 refresh version deserves a special place on our pages. The Apple ecosystem is one you can easily get sucked into. You can check out anytime you like, you can never leave!

Plus, there's your usual dose of Hot Stuff, Beta Yourself and other recurring features that haven't had our name crammed into their title. It's a fab issue, and we even got to test ride some of these BMW babies, among other things.

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