Mc Donald’s gets Self-Order Kiosks to survive the race of restaurants

Experience of the future, really?

A frog might order French flies and a diet croak at any other Mc Donald’s, but not this one!

Calling it Experience of the Future [are we still in 1982?], Mc Donald’s has revamped their Nariman Point outlet to be more customer friendly by placing Self-Order Kiosks at the fast food joint. Joining the major league of restaurants, the newer experience includes remodelled interiors, a healthier menu with salads as an option and table service.

Using technology to their advantage, the intent is to make the Mc Donald’s experience a personalised one. You can finally grab that chair and wait for your order to arrive rather than watching that coveted spot being claimed by someone else all the while you were in that long queue. But can it really be that and will it do away with the guys behind the counter? We’re talking about table service here. Those guys from behind the counter will now serve your tables, aiming to add value to a family night-out at your friendly neighbourhood Mc D’s.

Does the machine replace the hooooman?

The Self-Order Kiosk is really no different except instead of giving your order to a college dropout at the counter, you’d be instructing the machine. The advantage maybe that a goof-up is less likely to happen and you can’t blame the guy at the counter for not hearing you properly in the first place.

The one thing here that sounds more promising than the Self-Order Kiosks is the effort to save electricity and water at the outlet, and introducing bio-degradable cutlery. Both concepts, if replicated by their outlets across the board might be able to save the world from decomposing under the endless polystyrene waste generated by fast food joints across the globe.

Check out these Self-Order Kiosks at South Mumbai’s CR2 mall and decide for yourself.