Mazzanti's Bugatti-baiting Evantra Millecavalli is 1,000bhp of sheer fury

Surprised? Italy's most powerful supercar isn't a Ferrari or a Lamborghini

Mazzanti what? I've never heard of it...

Not many people have. The artisan outfit from Tuscany doesn't possess the same clout as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani, but that hasn't prevented it from crafting a face-meltingly powerful limited edition supercar for the super rich.

What exactly is it?

It's a more powerful version of the marque's Evantra supercar, which is a relatively relaxed 1,300kg speed machine with 751bhp driving the rear wheels. Think of this suitably Italian Millecavalli model as its beefcake brother - a steroid munching maniac with a bored out 7.2-litre bi-turbo V8 engine that develops 1,000bhp. We're talking Bugatti-baiting performance.

Really? Are those figures for real?

According to Luca Mazzanti's passionate description of his baby, the 'hypercar' can 'destroy the 0-100 kmph sprint in 2.7 seconds' and reach a 'top speed of 400 kmph'. Better still, good old Luca says new carbon ceramic brakes from racing specialists Brembo allow the Millecavalli to come to a standstill from 299kmph in just 7 seconds, which is just enough time to pulverise a pancreas.

That all sounds highly illegal. Can I buy one?

You'll have to be quick because only 25 examples will be made and a few of those have already found homes with ballsy (and minted) customers. Saying that, there's no exact word on a price but we don't expect an engine that develops 1200Nm of torque, a handcrafted exterior and the crazy 'suicide' doors to come cheap.

What's going on inside?

Mazzanti hasn't yet released any official images of the vehicle's interior but seeing as it is based on the Evantra, you can expect hand-stitched leather seats, whopping paddles behind the steering wheel that operate the gearbox and little plaques that highlight just how limited edition this thing is. Only five Evantras are produced a year, probably because the company doesn't have the capacity to manufacture any more.

Hmmm, all sounds a bit fishy to me...

Indeed, we'll have to reserve judgement until proper test drives have been offered but Mezzanti's website says they company uses products from Pirelli, O.Z, Brembo, Bosch Engineering, as well as plenty of carbon fibre specialists, which all sounds like a recipe for raciness to us.