Make your front camera obsolete with Selfie on Tilt

You know it’s going to take high quality selfies when it uses your iPhone’s rear camera

If you’re an iPhone user and bemoan the fact that your front camera can’t take good enough selfies, here’s an app that takes away the problem of low light, blurriness and shakiness when taking selfies using your iPhone’s front camera.

Selfie on Tilt uses your rear camera and works simply by clicking a picture when you tilt your phone 90 degrees and tilt it back up again. That’s it. No need to smile, say cheese, wait for the timer to go off or wait the extra few seconds to ensure the pic has been taken. Also, since you’ll be using your rear camera, you can take pics with flash if you need to.

You can also get better resolution, aperture, image stabilization, red eye removal, time lapse, slow motion capture.

The app’s only downside is that the number of images that you can save is limited. To save unlimited images you’ll need to purchase the app for a nominal amount.

The app is only available on iOS at the moment.