This lunch-saving ultrasound app makes ketchup easily pour out of the bottle

This is it, ketchup. This is your end, once and for all…

Why… won’t… you… just… come... OUT.

Stubborn ketchup that refuses to depart from the bottle is just as frustrating as snagging your headphones, or stubbing your toe on the coffee table.

All you want to do is cover some tasty chips in some tomatoey goodness, but nope, that infuriating red sauce is quite comfortable where it is, and it’ll be damned if its leaving that bottle without raising your blood pressure in a fit of palm-slamming rage.

Thankfully, for the sake of our sanity, a new app called KETCHapp by developer DigitalSauce has finally put and end to our sauce-based woes.

A simple tap of a button causes your phone’s speaker to emit an ultrasonic sound, which resonates at the precise frequency of the mixture of molecules that make up the ingredients in ketchup.

When your phone’s chirping away, the ketchup vibrates at such a high (almost imperceptible) intensity, that it just slides right out of the bottle.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some control on your part is required to stop the entire load from pouring out all at once, and dogs will be able to hear the sound itself, which could result in some confused barks. 

The KETCHapp app (try saying that out loud) is currently available for ₹187 from the Apple Store, and an Android app is confirmed for “some time in the spring”.

We’re looking forward to trying it out ourselves at lunch - we’ll take any excuse we can to put a plate of chips on company expenses.













In case you haven't already guessed by now - April Fool's. The magical bottle in the gif above has a hydrophobic coating on the inside which repels liquid. It's made by a clever company called LiquiGlide, and there are plenty more satisfying sauce-exiting-bottle videos on its website.