Low-price Xiaomi Yi Action Camera has specs to make GoPro say oh no

Offering brief respite from the phone overload at MWC 2015, Xiaomi has unveiled an action camera that'll give GoPro a run for its money

Xiaomi has crammed some decent specs into its dinky new Yi Action Camera, outdoing the entry-level GoPro hero at every turn.

With 64GB of memory, you should be able to store a fair amount of 1080p 60fps video, while the 16MP Sony Exmor R sensor promises decent still images too. There's Wi-Fi connectivity so you can send images directly to your smartphone without messing about with wires, and it can handle shooting up to 40m underwater. Not bad for a camera the size of a matchbox.


Cool for cats

You'll have to buy them separately, but there's a host of accessories and mounts to let you shoot in increasingly adventurous situations, from your cat’s back to the end of the dreaded selfie stick.

But the big news is the camera’s price tag: the entry-level GoPro Hero may cost you upwards of 10,000 but the Xiaomi Yi is on sale for just 399CNY (about 4000). The catch is that you can’t actually buy it right now.

The camera is proving extremely popular in its native China, and is “temporarily out of stock” - and it’s not clear yet if it will ever actually make it shop shelves in the UK, US or beyond.

But with Xiaomi about to launch its first retail site in the US, we’re hoping India’s cats will get their paws on the Yi before long.