Losing yourself to virtual reality

Lenovo wants to tempt you with more than its phones now

While virtual reality is simmering on the peripheries of technology, affordability and practicality, Lenovo has a brighter idea up its sleeve, and it’s cheap as chips.

Well, imported kettle chips if you must know. The ANT-VR is a concept similar to virtual reality but it doesn’t need special apps to make your jaw drop to the floor or lose your sense of balance. Instead, it uses either the Lenovo K4 Note or the new Vibe X3 thats prepped up with the ANT-VR app and bam, you’re good to go to the movies!

Using aspherical lens, it remains distortion-free even towards the edges but you do need to play back HD content to make the most of it. It’s even comfortable to wear over prescription spectacles so it doesn’t look like a DIY kit from the 80’s to anyone with less than 20/20 vision. It’s 160gm weight makes it easy on the head the cushioned liner also rests snugly on facial contours.

ANT-VR claims a 100 degree viewing angle and we tend to agree. The build quality is a bit plasticky but its 1300 asking price will let you overlook it without much disdain. 

You slide in your K4 Note or Vibe X3 and what you see is an enlarged image created only a few inches from your eyes that is roughly the size of an 80in screen being viewed from a distance of 10ft. That’s big enough for most of us while on the go and perfect for a vacation to those tree-hugging resorts sneering at the idea of television.

While no iOS version of the ANT-VR app is being spoken of yet, it’s a possibility sooner than later. Until then, Lenovo is enjoying this effective trick and laughing all the way to the bank.