Looking for speakers for your desktop PC? Try FINGERS

A 2.1-channel wood-encased multimedia speaker kit

While most desktop PCs seem to be disappearing from homes and offices, there are a few too many who swear by its comfortable use and ease of upgrades. And these are the ones who look out for reasonable and affordable audio systems for their computer desks. FINGERS’ Solitaire are 2.1-channel wood-encased multimedia desktop speakers that could impress you not only by looks, but also performance. The Solitaire is also feature-rich with a 4.5in subwoofer driver and two full-range 3in drivers with a total power output of 50W. Support for Bluetooth and USB/micro SD cards, and with built-in FM Radio, you can use these speakers individually without having the PC turned on too. The Solitaire is priced at ₹4199.