Look ma, no hands: Philips’ new motion sensor gives Hue lights a mind of their own

Manual controls are like, so last year

Oh look, it's the tiniest light bulb in the world, in a big square... thing. Hooray?

That's no moon lightbulb, though you're sort of close. It is in fact the latest clever bit of kit to be added to Philips’ Hue smart home lighting roster.

Meet the new Hue motion sensor.

Oh hey there. Nice to meet Hue.

Very good. But back to business. We've got tech to fondle.

As its name suggests, the motion sensor is, well, exactly that - a motion sensor that happily slots straight into new or existing Philips Hue systems and connects directly to the central hub - the centre of the smart web to which all Hue lamps, bulbs and light strips are connected.

Once connected, you can place it anywhere you fancy thanks to its battery power source. Pair it up with a specific bulb, and hey - you're in Auto-Light Town. Population: you.

Great. Or I could just, you know, flick a switch.

Well, sure you could, but the motion sensor goes beyond providing light for the incredibly lazy.

It's clever enough to detect how much ambient light there is before adjusting the brightness and shade of the emitted light automatically.

Rise in the middle of the night to undo some of the strain those pints placed on your bladder, for example, and you'll be greeted with a gentle eye-friendly glow lighting the way to your bathroom like a helpful will-o'-the-wisp.

You can also set the sensor to only work at night to save energy in the day. It'll also helpfully kill the lights once it's detected no activity for a certain amount of time. Captain Planet would be very proud.

If you fancy lighting up your life without having to lift a finger, you'll have to wait a bit, because there isn't an India release date yet. But you can have someone flying down from Europe snap up the Hue motion sensor for €40 (about ₹3,000) when it launches in October if you want it in time for your Haloween party.