Logitech’s Z337 Bold Sound 2.1 system brings wireless chops to your desktop

Give your workstation sound a makeover accessory

You definitely can’t turn the volume up to “ARE YOU NUTS?”, but we guarantee you can have a mini party of your own once you add these cool looking speakers from Logitech to your desktop.

Whether listening to music, watching a rom-com or traversing planets while playing Star Wars Battlefront, good sound quality is imperative to enhance the experience. The design of the speakers is simple – there’s nothing overly fancy here. It does the job it’s meant to do and streams audio from multiple sources without much fuss. Plugging in the speakers and subwoofer to the source is a simple process. With 80 Watts Peak power, you’re set to drown in a sound wave of choice.

The Z337 Bold Sound is capable of connecting to multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you’re a couple that fights over playlists, then we say it’s time to call truce. The multiple device pairing allows you to take turns while playing music. It’s just a matter of pausing from one and playing from another.

The control pod looks easy to access and control, the power and Bluetooth pairing button are marked well enough for even a blind bat to locate. The subwoofer comes with a dedicated knob at the back. The headphone jack are likely to come in handy when the mother strictly tells you to turn down the party you’re surely going to turn your bedroom into once you get these speakers home.

The Logitech Z337 speakers can be purchased for 6,995. The sound quality is likely to make your friends envy your cool new buy!