Logitech Keys-to-Go is a wireless keyboard for Android and Windows

Productivity will increase threefold* *no research to support this

If you’re an avid Android user or wile away the hours on a Windows mobile device, you’re probably all too aware that using the on-screen keyboard can become awkward. 

Fret not, tech enthusiast - Logitech has you covered with its new Keys-to-Go wireless keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth to Android 4.1 devices and higher and Windows 7 devices and higher.

It’s been designed to be so thin (6mm) and light (180g) that you can take it anywhere to type out an email or finish that presentation. Logitech says the keys are “well-spaced with feedback for comfort”, with dedicated Android and Windows shortcut keys. The rechargeable battery is good for three months on a single charge and it also comes with a portable stand so you can prop up your smartphone. 

Messy drinker? No problem

And should you find yourself tapping away in the bath, near the pool or by the sea, it’s FabricSkin, er, skin, is water repellent, so will guard against dirt and spills.

If you’re an iOS user and wondering where the keyboard love is for you, Logitech has previously released a version that will cater to iPhones, iPads and even the Apple TV.

Both iOS and Android/Windows versions are available in a range of colours now for US$70 (Around 4400).

[Source: Logitech]