Logitech has a new mouse and keyboard for gamers

G403 mouse and G610 mechanical keyboard should be perfect to top-out your new rig

Anything worth doing is worth doing properly. That’s why you need a proper gaming rig, and no, it takes more than a speedy graphics card to make sure you’re all suited up for battle.


G403 Prodigy mouse

Up first from Logitech is the G403 Prodigy gaming mouse. It’s light, and comes with a 10g removable weight in case you prefer a heavier feel, has rubber grips on the sides, and offers programmable buttons with ‘advanced button tensioning’, which should help make you the fastest trigger in the east.

And yes, in case you’re a bit of a spec-nut, you’ll be pleased to know the G403 uses the PMW3366 sensor, which many gamers regards as the best option out there. And finally, it’s gonna cost you less than a December ticket to Goa - ₹6495 (you might get it even cheaper as Logitech’s website currently lists it at ₹5495).


G610 Orion keyboard

Love mechanical keyboards? Of course, you would. After all, you are the sensible sort. But don’t assume the G610 is some boring piece of kit meant for tapping out Excel sheets while your soul dies. Nope, it’s a highly-focused bit of gaming kit.

So, you get Cherry MX mechanical switches, customisable backlighting - with some funky (and tweakable) patterns and effects, media controls, and of course, since the G610’s main job is to make sure you’re ready for every game you play, custom button macros. Like the Orion? Pay ₹9995 to make it yours.  

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