Load up on new games and apps at Google Play, starting from just ₹10

App addiction wiping out your bank account? Google wants to help!

Popular apps and games starting at ₹10 means you can now stop worrying about your credit card bill.

Your smartphone’s the first step on a slippery path. Give it a while, and you’ll be installing apps with all the restraint of a kid at a candy store. But hey, there’s some good news for all you app addicts who find themselves blowing rent money on the latest games. You see, Google’s teamed up with a bunch of developers to make popular apps available to Indian Android users for as low as ₹10. Okay, that’s cheap. Very, very so. Think about it - you can’t even buy a refreshing cold drink for ten bucks!

So what all’s available? Quite a bit, and we expect the collection to grow with time. But for now, you can find bestsellers like Age of Zombies, Aces of the Luftwaffe, Stick Cricket 2, Autodesk Sketchbook, WeVideo Editor, Runtastic Six Pack, and more. Happy as a puppy splashing about in the mud? Want to load up on new games and apps? Then head over to Google’s games or app collection pages!