LINK turns any luxury watch into a smart one

If Carlsberg made watch clasps...

'Make any luxury watch smarter'? How does that work, then?

By cunningly ignoring the ‘watch’ bit. If we we'd been Truthy McThuthface when writing this article’s headline, we might have said LINK makes any watch smarter by swapping that metal clasp for a tiny device that does all sorts of exciting things. But that hardly rolls off the tongue.

So how smart is LINK? What can it do?

According to its creators, it’ll merrily bug you with notifications about incoming calls, texts, calendar alerts, and emails. You’ll also be able to send quick replies by way of a built-in mic. You'll even get contactless payment capabilities and fitness tracking. And since LINK sits on the underside of your wrist, you’ll be showing your luxury watch face off to everyone in the vicinity whenever you look at it.


Hang on. Won’t it get repeatedly smashed into desks, becoming a scratched-up nightmare within seconds?

Maybe if the Incredible Hulk buys one, sure. But for normal humans who don’t spend their entire day angrily slamming their arms down, LINK should survive intact. The curved OLED display uses sapphire glass for added resistance. Although it's probably best avoid testing its strength by attacking it with your keys.

Sounds good. But what’s on the inside? I crave specs!

Well it's a bit hit and miss, if we're honest. The 16x40mm screen supports multitouch gestures, which seems odd for such a tiny display. It's powered by an ARM Cortex M7 running at a lowly 200MHz, and only has a measly 4MB of flash storage.

If the crowdfunding campaign hits $300,000, they’ll add a camera, although frankly, you’ll look even more of a berk taking a photo with the bottom of your wrist than an iPad Pro - so probably don’t start dreaming about that perk just yet.

It'll play nicely with Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 out of the box, but there's not plans to support Windows Phone. 

I must have one, immediately!

Well, too bad, because this one’s still raising funds on Indiegogo. If successful, you’ll have a LINK by Christmas if you fling them US$249. Also, judging by LINK's Indiegogo video, it’s mandatory to wear a snazzy business suit while using one, so perhaps ask Santa for one of those as well.