Limited Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One console looks stylish, makes silly car sounds

Impressive styling undone by laughable audio effects; at least the controller is sold separately

We had a go with Forza Motorsport 6 at E3 last week, and it's downright gorgeous. So it's fitting that the limited edition Xbox One console made to mark its launch and the series' 10th anniversary is likewise seriously attractive.

The blue-on-blue colour scheme is eye-catching and thankfully not overdone; it's inspired by the game cover's Ford GT, but it's less flashy and luckily doesn't cost anywhere near as much. It's even stamped with the original launch date of the first Forza Motorsport on the side, as a nice commemorative touch.

And the controller is similarly styled, with a deep blue colour accentuated by racing stripes and blue analogue sticks. The buttons keep the blue for lettering, as well, but colour indicators are found in the middle as an interesting design touch. Additionally, the gamepad has steering wheel-esque rubberized grips on the back, as well as titanium-coloured triggers that recall the headlight finish from the GT.

It's a shame about the car sounds applied to this limited edition console, however. As seen in the video above, press the power button and it sounds like a car revving to life; press it again and it makes an engine-off noise. And the disc eject button makes a sound like an exaggerated power tool.

Well-intentioned and thematically appropriate as they may be, the effects come off like something you'd hear on a cheap toy car. They'd surely drive us crazy after a few sessions, unless there's an option to use the default Xbox One sound profile.

The 1TB console bundle - which includes a digital copy of the game - will sell for US$400 (about £255; no official UK price available yet) and release alongside Forza 6 on 15 September. Luckily, the controller will also be sold separately, which could be mighty appealing for those of us who already have an Xbox One - or simply can't deal with the console's audio flourishes.

[Source: Xbox Wire]