Limited edition OnePlus 3T in Midnight Black has us addicted to the dark side

The queen of all colours is here

Does it come in black – asked every woman alive!

Say you can have any colour as long as it’s black, and you have us sold. Following the success of OnePlus’ design collaboration and release of the OnePlus 3T Colette edition in Paris last week, the smartphone makers also announced a limited release of the 3T in Midnight Black. Needless to say, it has intrigued us to no bounds.

Here’s a company that listens to its customers. User-feedback across the board had one thing in common – they wanted the 3T to be made available in black. Living up to its reputation of being the best smartphone on our top 10 list, OnePlus delivered customer satisfaction further by giving them what they want.


Back in Black

Who says black isn’t a happy colour? The distinguishing feature of the OnePlus flagship device is the use of space-grade aluminum with three dark coatings 14 microns thick and maintains the natural look and feel of metal. The anti-fingerprint layer is meant to keep your phone fresh like a petal.

The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black version comes with 128 GB storage and 6 GB RAM and is priced at 34,999. While the product will go live on March 31, pre-book your black beauty on Amazon in the meanwhile and be one of the first few to lay their hands on it.