LG’s two new Watches herald the arrival of Android Wear 2.0

Tooty-parp! They come bearing infotastic sub-dials and phone-free payments

I like the big guy. Not sure about his mate, though.

Ah, see, that’s your natural predilection towards a watch that’s strong and independent. Namely, the LG Watch Sport.

It’s jam-packed with toys to take advantage of Android Wear 2.0’s features that no longer need you to have your phone nearby. It has a dedicated button for Google Fit, to which its GPS and heart rate sensors report. There’s another button for Android Pay, so you can pay for things using the Sport’s NFC chip, even if you’ve left your phone and your wallet back in the locker room. It can connect to mobile networks, too. Bit of an all-star, really. 


And the other one’s just a hanger-on?

No. Different set of skills, is all. Sure, it lacks the impressive GPS, HRM and NFC functions, but it still gets all the other Wear 2.0 smarts: the customisable sub-dials, reworked notifications, Smart Reply function and on-screen keyboard.

You can bark questions at it for Google Assistant to sort out, and you can whizz about its menus using the rotating power button. This with the kind of silver, rose gold or titanium looks that just might get you to the front of a nightclub queue.


I like the sound of the rotating power button. I don’t suppose the…

Yes, the Sport has it, too. But before you get too doe-eyed, there’s a price to pay. Both Watches will hit the US first, on Feb 10, at US$249 (converts to around 16,600) for the Style and US$349 (converts to around 23,300) for the Sport. They then spread out their Wear 2.0-ness out across the world, including India, in “the coming weeks”.

Next steps? Read our hands-on with the LG Watch Sport, and go here for an introduction to Android Wear 2.0, including a list of the existing Android smartwatches that are lined up to get the new OS.