LG's 1mm OLED panel squeezes TVs to new depths

A new first: a telly you can actually peel off your wall

LG has just unveiled one fridge magnet you're going to want to keep.

The Korean company has created a new OLED panel with a staggering width of just 0.97mm. It was unveiled at an industry event and belittles their previously thinnest TV (a slightly hefty 4.3mm wide).

The news seems well timed, considering earlier this week it was revealed that Apple has scuppered any plans it may have had for a 4K TV. That leaves LG with an opportunity to create a wide berth between itself and any competitors on the "skinny, good-looking 4K telly" front.

The 55in panel weighs just 1.9kg, making mounting it onto the magnetic mat that sticks to your wall a piece of cake. The most exciting part about this arrangement is that, if you're not happy with how your TV is resting, you're able to just simply peel off the panel and re-adjust it. Yes, that's right: the panel is slightly flexible, which means that it could make curved TV production a much simpler process.

OLED panels give companies the opportunity to create thinner and lighter screens, as well as making them somewhat flexible, like LG's 55in TV - at the time of writing our favourite TV in the world. However, the technology is still very expensive to produce, so don't get your hopes up for an imminent consumer release; we don't expect this will be released anytime soon. Sad trombone time.

[Source: TechRadar]