The LG X Screen has a ticker display for notifications and music controls

A secondary, always-on display helps this mid-range device stand out

Smartphones are changing, and we’re grateful for that. No more do we have to put up with boring, anonymous slabs with as much personality as a slightly faded grey wall. 

But thankfully, devices like the X Screen show it’s not just bank-balance-draining flagships that are getting new, innovative features.


By itself, the LG X Screen probably won’t stand out that much - it’s a common dual-SIM midranger running Android Marshmallow, with a 4.93in HD display, a Snapdragon 410, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage (expandable via microSD). The battery’s a 2,300mAh unit (small by today’s standards; but with a smaller screen to power, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue) and you get 13MP and 8MP cameras. In essence, nothing out of the ordinary and honestly, nothing much to get excited about. In fact, with no fingerprint scanner and a price tag of ₹12,990, you could argue it’s not as well-specced as its competition. But wait...

Hang on, what’s that?

You see, the X Screen does have something that helps it stand out from the crowd of alloy-bodied, slim-bezeled clones that have flooded the budget and midrange segment - a second, always-on display. At 1.76 inches and with a 520x80 resolution, the secondary display is not exactly meant for running full-fledged apps, but should really help with keeping music controls, recent apps, notifications and call alerts out of the way. 

Now, it may not be as revolutionary as the novel G5 (do keep in mind you could pick up an X Screen for every member of your family for less than what one G5 will cost you!), but we gotta admit that LG are on the right track if they’re aiming to make the budget segment a bit more exciting.