LG names new smartphone series after a bit of teasing

Sounds as smooth and dapper as it looks

A few days ago, LG revealed new concept designs of the upcoming smartphone series. And boy did it impress with its slick and futuristic looks.

Christened the LG Velvet series, LG aims to bring a new look to their lineup of smartphones and the new name is their attempt to move away from the regular alphanumeric system pretty much all smartphone manufacturers use these days and embrace more expressive names that better describe the essence of the devices they sell.

The new design reveals a unique “raindrop” camera design on the back, where the three rear cameras and flash taper in size from the top to the bottom, giving it the illusion of a falling drop. The sketches also reveal a minimal camera bump on the main lens, while the other two cameras are flush with the body, which makes this design a stark contrast compared to other smartphones these days with enormous and unsightly camera bumps. 

We don’t know when this line of smartphones will be unveiled by LG, but we are definitely excited to see what these new devices will offer.