LG launches the world’s first OLED 4K TVs

What’s better than 4K resolution? OLED’s deep blacks, that’s what!

Pairing its OLED tech with a new WRGB panel and 4K resolution, LG reckons its new range will finally prompt you to upgrade to a big-screen TV

LG’s brought over its spanking new OLED 4K TVs to a store near you. What’s new, you ask? Well, the new range offers 4K resolution, and then makes things even better by pairing this with LG’s OLED tech. With no backlight, the self-lighting pixels in an OLED panel can turn themselves off completely, making blacks deeper and taking contrast up a notch to ‘infinite’. But there’s more interesting stuff here, such as the 0.001ms response time that’ll make even the fastest and most furious action scenes crisper than bacon fresh off the grill, and the WRGB panel, which adds a white sub-pixel to help make colours more accurate. Yup, that makes it 33 million sub-pixels for your viewing pleasure. And as you’d expect, WebOS is the brains behind the new range’s smart TV features, with an easy-to-navigate menu and LG Magic Remote.

Interested? Head over to your nearest store and decide between the two models on offer:  A 65in set with a list price of 5,79,000, and a 55in set with a list price of 3,84,900.