LG G4’s six-layer camera lens promises better shots on your nights out

Low light beware - your smartphone nemesis is on its way

The LG G4 isn’t out yet, but that hasn’t stopped it from talking up a big camera game ahead of its launch.

LG has already officially revealed that the G4’s camera will be packing in a 16MP f/1.8 lens which is capable of taking in 80 percent more light than the G3, and now some more camera info has come our way.

According to business Korea, another contributor to that impressive light-guzzling ability is a much larger lens module. Created in-house by LG, the lens itself is made out of six elements which, coupled with the larger aperture, should make for some impressive low light shots.

Not only that, but LG has also thrown in a 0.11mm thin glass blue filter, which helps block out infrared light, reducing the chance of inaccurate colours being represented in the final shot.

This isn’t the first time this filter has been sued in smartphone cameras, but it is half the thickness of competitors’ filters, which should, in theory, improve its performance even more.

While we know about the G4’s camera, 5.5in 2K screen and leather rear, its insides remain a mystery. The latest rumours have pointed to LG opting for Qualcomm’s older Snapdragon 808 processor, despite already having used the newer 810 - found in the One M9 - in the G Flex 2.

This could be due to overheating issues, but we’ll just have to wait for the official reveal on 28 April for the full details.

[via Phone Arena]