LG G4 release date revealed to be 31 May (in South Korea at least)

You could be wrapping your hands around LG’s leather-clad flagship in just over a month

The LG G4 will hit shelves on 31 May, a month after its official launch event at the end of April.

The news comes directly from LG Korea, although it has yet to clarify whether this is a global or localised release date.

The South Korean tech giant has also announced a similar screen replacement offer to HTC, in that it’ll replace any broken screens for free, within the first year of purchase. HTC’s scheme is sadly a US-only option, so our skeptical minds are preparing for the clarification that this is a South Korea-only offer, for now at least.

A 64GB microSD card will also be thrown in, which confirms all previous leaks pointing to expandable memory.

That makes the G4 the only announced 2015 flagship to offer both expandable memory and a removable battery, given that Samsung has ditched both features in its metal and glass Galaxy S6.

LG has already shown off the G4’s leather rear, 16MP f/1.8 camera and improved 2K display, but has so far remained quiet regarding the internal specs.

The latest speculation points to an older Snapdragon 808 processor, possibly due to overheating issues with the newer 810 variant, which is found in the One M9 and Xperia Z4.

That’s all the latest G4 news we have for the time being, but at the rate LG is dishing things out, there’s bound to be more before the launch on 28 April.

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