LG G4 camera sample images shown off in teaser video

The G4's snapper looks mighty impressive, if these shots are anything to go by

The LG G4 is around a week away from being officially launched, but that hasn't slowed down LG's news fest.

We already know that the flagship will land with a brighter, more colourful 2K display and leather-clad body, and LG has also already revealed the G4's imaging specs.

The camera module will consist of a 16MP sensor along with an f/1.8 aperture lens, and now LG has released a video showing off what it's capable of in real use. 


The video follows full-time professional photographer Colby Brown who, it's worth noting, also happens to be a spokesperson for LG.

It shows off images taken by Brown on the G4, which, assuming they haven’t been edited or touched up, look rather impressive.

The photos have been achieved by manually adjusting the ISO, white balance and shutter speed in a new mode which appears to cater to seasoned photographers, ensuring a greater degree of control over each shot.

Whether we’ll be able to recreate something on a similar level when we get a review sample remains to be seen, but now the challenge has been set.

We'll be bringing you all the G4 action live from the big launch on 28 April, so stay tuned.

[via UberGizmo]