Let your kids rock their party with a ZOOOK Thunder Stone

That pajama party can come to life

If your kids are inviting their friends over for a party or get-together, they have definitely planned to have fun while it lasts. So why not gift them something they would love to have fun with friends? ZOOOK recently announced the 24W Thunder Stone rugged outdoor party speaker that can sustain some abuse too. This speaker has a retro style design and comes enclosed in a weather-proof stone-finish body. It sports a 24W speaker set with TWS functions where you can pair another such speaker to amplify the audio or play the same music in another room. Plug in your MP3 player or simply stream music from your smartphone or the nearest FM station and let that party get hot. And if you want it to get crazy, the bundled microphone will let those cute voices sing along their favourite tracks. Lastly, this 800g speaker runs on four integrated rechargeable batteries that can keep the party alive for hours together. Surprise your kids with a Stone for ₹2,399.