Lepton has a new software to protect businesses post lockdown

Don’t let COVID-19 affect your business and employees

While Lockdown 4.0 is around the corner, the state of the country ahead only depends on what the government will allow and disallow. Businesses need to open and the economy needs a boost.

However, things need to be planned efficiently. One single positive COVID-19 case has the potential to close down a business. In order to ensure business continuity, it’s extremely important that companies clearly understand the risks associated with their employees and customers. Lepton Software, using Google Maps Platform, has launched myCOVIDrisk software and API that helps businesses to find out the risk associated with their employees, customers, routes and even assets in real-time. myCOVIDrisk helps identify hotspots and the most vulnerable locations across India and helps businesses map out an effective continuity plan with minimal risk.

FMCG and retail companies can use it to identify the stores that can open and manage the complete supply-chain accordingly, while BPOs/KPOs, which provide transportation to their employees, can see the hotpots across the routes and the pickup points. HR departments can decide who can come to office based on risk assessment. Lastly, mobility and ride-sharing companies can see the status of pick up and drop off point in real-time and accordingly accept or decline the ride.