Krusell is ready to swamp the Indian market with some classy phone cases

The case in point

Hailing from Sweden helps its design chops while an extensive range ensures everyone gets a chance to protect their babies, iOS, Android or Windows users…

We all have shiny things we want to protect. That silver tooth included. But Krusell from Sweden focuses more on your mobile phones and tablets, dressing them up in suits that protect them from all sorts of abuse. Our sample shipment arrived this morning from Krusell’s Bangkok office and were we surprises at the selection.


flippin' good

Their latest, the TextureCover Malmo and the Malmo FlipWallet Slide were two of our favourites. Especially the latter that comes in two parts, one that works like a regular slim fit case but when you feel adventurous, it also becomes a part of a wallet style flip case and thanks to its magnetic back, just snaps into place without ever sliding out. A neat button keeps your wallet secure from prying eyes and fidgety hands. 

try this for size

Built to typical Swedish standards of minimalism and impeccable finish, the Krusell cases aren’t groundbreaking in design but they do exude a sense of quality and sturdiness that will extend the life and retain the value of your much-loved thumb toy. Sizes ranging from 2XL to 5XL are available, so anything from an iPhone 4S all the way to the 6 Plus should be good to fit. Beware though, the non-specific cases which are “universal” in nature could be a fit or a miss.

Our colleagues' One Plus One needed an in-between size of 4.5XL, which obviously doesn’t exist in the Krusell universe yet. So pray (and research) carefully before you drop your money on your shield.