Kodak brand tapped for line of Android smartphones and tablets

Does the name still hold a place in your heart? That’s what they’re banking on

Kodak was once the leading consumer photography brand, but after emerging from bankruptcy, the company refocused its efforts on business needs. However, its name remains a valuable commodity for those who wish to license it. Thus, the Kodak smartphone.

It’s coming our way via the Bullitt Group, which specializes in building phones and other gadgets based on existing brands. Previously, Bullitt created a couple of rugged, waterproof Android-powered smartphones for Caterpillar, the world’s top construction equipment manufacturer.

In this case, Bullitt is working with Kodak to create Android devices with an emphasis not only on photography, but also streamlined ease-of-use - in other words, trying to recapture what made the Kodak brand so appealing back in the days of disposable cameras and cheap rolls of film.

Considering that approach - along with no mention in the initial press announcement about the camera hardware itself - it seems likely that these accessible devices will be low-to-mid-range options rather than tech-flaunting flagships. Bullitt CEO Oliver Schulte says they’ll allow users to “take great pictures and edit, share, store and print them in an instant.”

First up is a smartphone that will debut in a couple weeks at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, while another 4G phone, a tablet, and a connected camera will follow in the latter half of the year. We’re intrigued to see if these devices stand apart from the pack - and if they resonate with buyers who haven’t seen the Kodak name utilized in this manner before.

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