Khetify is the easiest way to grow organic veggies at home

And you can keep ‘em paws in pristine condition

You’ve got a manicured beard, drink single origin coffee, and wear linen shirts.

So what’s next in your hipster evolution? Simple, start growing your own organic veggies! But what if you’re as lazy as a sloth? Whether you’re a lazy geek who can’t tear himself away from a console, a high-flying executive who’s always in a meeting, or a hipster too busy attending indie movie screenings, Khetify’s modular kitchen garden system is the easiest way to get fresh veggies every day. Even better, there’s no need to haggle with sabziwallahs.

I need to get my hands dirty?

Not at all. Your hands get to stay in pristine condition for ESL competitions (or barista classes). Khetify sends a team over to set up a bunch of modular ‘khets’, along with a drip irrigation system (there’s an an optional upgrade to an SMS-controlled system) so you don’t even have to worry about watering the plants. Their ‘plant doctors’ will also come by once a month to check up  on  your crop o’ cabbage. Sorted!

Eat your veggies

Yes, we know you’re tempted to ask, but Khetify won’t help you grow any kind of sticky green contraband. Instead, what they’ve got is a wide selection of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. Go on, try something other than your burger-and-fries (or quinoa) staple diet for a change. They’ve got everything from cherry tomatoes and parsley to spinach and strawberries.  

Down on the farm

Want to get started on your new kitchen garden? Great, all you need is space (with enough sunlight), a tap, and in case you want to use their SMS-controlled irrigation system, a phone and an electricity  point. And how much green veggies can you expect? Around 10 kg from each ‘khet’.

Khetify’s packages start out as small as 5 ‘khets’, going up to 30 ‘khets’  - that’s what they call each individual box. You can pick your khets in jute, thermocol, cane, or for the truly discerning, in pine wood. Then you gotta pick what you want to grow, decide if you want the SMS-controlled smart device for remote-activated watering, and perhaps even pick up their composter add-on, which turns your household waste into food for your khets. That’s it, then all you gotta do is sit back and enjoy the fruits of er, your labours!  Who knew getting healthy could be so easy and so tasty?