Just because they could – Casio G-Shock Premium MR-G

Remember when Casio watches were ubiquitous, cheap and broke if you looked at them too often? Enter the limited-edition MR-G.

Looking for a watch to withstand the coming apocalypse? Look no further than the Casio MR-G.

Built with a titanium strap and case, sapphire anti-reflective glass and double hardening treatment, the MR-G is likely to be able to survive the end of all things without getting a scratch. Ideal for deep sea divers and secret agents alike, the hand-engraved MR-G is also water resistant to 200m. When the situation demands it, the MR-G also features a handy 1/20th sec stopwatch, multi-band six radio control and, of course, a daily alarm.


If this sounds like the watch you've been waiting for, the MR-G is available to buy at Casio's similarly cutting-edge London Concept store. The price tag is as hefty as the watch itself, but for £2500 (About 2,30,000) it offers toughness the Avengers would be proud of.