iTunes Match will quadruple upload limit to 100,000 songs

By our calculations that's at least six months of continuous listening

Apple exec Eddie Cue has announced via Twitter that iTunes Match's capacity will rise from 25,000 songs to 100,000 in time for the release of iOS9.

iTunes Match, for those who aren't familiar, is a service allowing subscribers to store songs in the cloud for access on any device. The service doesn't discriminate between songs from different sources - tracks can be imported from CD or even files downloaded from other online distributors - thereby allowing users to integrate their streamed and owned collections in one place.

The change will likely affect hardcore enthusiasts the most, as the average amount of songs in a user's iTunes library is 7,160, less than a tenth of the new upload limit. The limit for Google's equivalent service, Google Play Music, currently rests at 50,000.

With the launch of Apple Music only a day away, the Cupertino-based giant is looking to assert itself as the 'have it all' streaming service. It's unusual for Apple to allow foreign data within its walled garden environment - a surefire sign of the company's determination to crush the competition underfoot.

The dominance of iTunes MP3 download service has declined with the rise of Spotify and other streaming services, with sales declining year on year. By providing a holistic service, Apple undoubtedly hopes to steal a good deal of market share from other apps residing on its platform. Though the premium for both Apple Music and iTunes Match (₹1200 a year) combined may prove too costly for some.

[Source: The Verge]