It’s time to get Hyper

Kingston showcases blistering new range of SSDs

There were rumours of something inexplicable at the Stuff Gadget Show in Mumbai.

Some called it magic, some called it witchcraft. With our name on all the banners, we felt it was our duty to check it out, and so we did. The source of the sorcery was the Kingston stall at the Hot Stuff section. The crowds were gaping at three dusty old computers with their innards ripped out. The reason? The 7-year-old desktop PCs were running AAA game titles at fantastic frame rates.

Hard drives are getting soft

Clunky and slow, the age of hard drives is slowly drawing to a close. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the future and Kingston showcased it brilliantly at the show. Instead of showing off SSDs in shiny new machines, they put them in really old computers and asked the people at the show to do what they will. We were given a trial run with an old system that was upgraded with 8GB of RAM and had Kingston’s entry-level 120GB SSD. The result? A computer that is as snappy as your latest Macbook Pro. We witnessed phenomenal reading and writing speeds - we were moving around files of over a GB in 2-3 seconds. The fact that we were witnessing this on a computer bought when Dr Kalam was President made it even more impressive.

If you have an old system lying around that is more sluggish than a snail, consider going the SSD way. The 2.5in V300 120GB SSDNow can be yours for just ₹3100 and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a steal.

Ours is the Fury

Want to turn your ageing PC into a gaming monster? You might want to look at Kingston’s gaming range of SSDs and RAM. Aptly titled Fury, Savage and Predator the specs on these are eye-watering. We saw this in action when the CS:GO frame rates skyrocketed to 673 courtesy the combination of the 120GB HyperX Fury SSD and 2x8GB 1866MHz HyperX Fury Memory modules. The HyperX Fury SSD, available in 120GB and 240GB capacities, features a 7mm form factor and SandForce SF-2281 controller with SATA Rev 3.0 (6GB/s) performance. The result is faster system boot up, application loading plus faster map and level load time. It packs a generous 3 year warranty as well.

The 240GB one will set you back by ₹11,700, so the Fury range does cost a fair bit more than the entry-level V300. But then, it will also make your hand-me-down PC good as new, which, of course, is priceless.