It's the best of both worlds with Razer's new gaming keyboard

Mechanical? Membrane? Why not have both at the same time?

I love to play video games on my mechanical gaming keyboard.


I mean, it’s really lovely and responsive, with those big clacking long-travel keys!

So I hear…



It’s not really the best thing for typing on. Y’know, after I’ve finished blasting noobs on CS:GO and I need to do my accounts or work on my series of self-published supernatural erotic novels. They’re very popular in the Kindle Store, you understand…

Ooookay. But really, it sounds like you might benefit from a membrane-type keyboard for work (or whatever it is you’re doing with those ebooks).

Yeah but I don’t want two keyboards on my desk.

You don’t have to! Not with the new Razer Ornata, which is the world’s first “Mecha-Membrane” keyboard. Essentially, Razer has designed it to provide the responsiveness and tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard with the comfort of a membrane keyboard.

Does it actually provide that?

We haven’t tried it yet! Give us a chance! But its keys are a “mid-height keycap hybrid”, so we imagine it’ll sit somewhere in the middle between the clackiness of those big chunky mechanical keys and the short-travel bounciness of membrane chiclets.

Anything else I need to know?

The keys are all individually backlit, either in monochrome green or with Razer’s Chroma system, which allows the user to choose from 18.6 million colours, either in custom setups or in preset lighting profiles for certain games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Overwatch.

The Ornata will be available in India in October and is expected to be priced at ₹6,699, while the Ornata Chroma is expected to sell for ₹8,399.