It doesn’t take two Tangos to get the data right

Accurate fitness tracker at almost throwaway price

Not sold on the idea of fitness trackers? How about a low-priced one to get you started? Maybe the Tango will make you change your mind.

We took one look at the Tango Wellness Motivator and fell in love with its range of vibrant colors. The sleek tracker claims to be accurate and precise and is CE certified. The product provides 24 hours activity data including step counts, calories burnt, distance travelled and sleep monitoring.

The 3D accelerometer motion sensor captures your every single movement. The tracker is wear and water resistant and thanks to an excellent battery life, lasts up to three weeks.

Additional features include inbuilt automatic exercise timer and target goal and a high-resolution and sunlight- readable display.

The Tango fitness tracker is priced at 4990 and is available at Amazon and Tangoworld.