The iPhone 7 will look exactly like the iPhone 6, according to this leaked photo

Dreams of a star-shaped iPhone 7 are well and truly shattered

As September approaches, we expect the influx of iPhone 7 (or indeed, 6s) rumours to increase.

The latest snippet of speculation comes courtesy of French site, which has posted pictures of a reportedly genuine iPhone 7 front panel, straight off the production line in China.

If it's the real deal, it shows that Apple isn't making any major design changes to its next flagship, suggesting that it's an incremental 's' variant in spirit, if not in name.

The screen size appears to be the same 4.7 inches as the existing model, and is likely to land with the same 1334 x 760 resolution too.

There's no shot of the rear shell of the handset however, so there could still be a few design changes and tweaks yet to come.

We'll find out everything from Tim Cook come September, where are will officially be revealed. 

[ via Tech Radar]