iPhone 6s parts hacked together like Frankenstein's monster, shown off sort-of working

And by working, we mean booting to a picture of a gear...

Oh look, it's iPhone 6s rumour time! What do we have today? A blurry picture of a power button that resembles a macro shot of a black tiddlywink? Perhaps a rectangular pane of glass of indeterminate size which could be anything from a replacement window for The Shard, to a smartphone display?

Not quite. This time around, we've actually got a working model. Well, sort of.

Mac Rumors has obtained a video of an allegedly genuine iPhone 6s display, connected to a logic board, rear shell and battery, all of which come together to boot to a grey screen with a black gear icon in the middle of it.

Admittedly this isn't exactly an extreme, riveting event worthy of a Red Bull sponsorship, but it does at least show that the next iPhone will be very similar, if not almost identical in design to the current generation - hardly surprising, given the 's' moniker.

What we can't tell from the latest leak, is whether or not the new display module features Apple's fancy pressure sensitive Force Touch technology, which is currently found in the MacBook trackpad and Apple Watch, letting users bring up secondary options depending on how hard they tap.

Mac Rumors speculates that the fact that the shielding on the rear display is glued, as opposed to screwed in, suggests that there is a noticeable change present, but we'll just have to wait until the big reveal on 9 September, where we'll be bringing you all the latest news from the front lines.

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