iPhone 6s could have an improved 12MP camera for even better low light shots

It looks like the next iPhone's camera will be even better. Who'd have thought?

The iPhone 6s (or 7, or whatever it's called) was previously rumoured to land with a dual-lens camera - but not anymore.

Instead, the latest rumour courtesy of a Chinese news site claims that Apple's next-gen iPhone will be fitted with Sony's 12MP RGBW sensor, rather than the usual RGB affair.

So what's the benefit of the additional “W”? Well, it represents a new white sub-pixel on the sensor itself, which can, unlike the red, blue and green sub-pixels, let through light of any wavelength.

This means that while it can't determine colour, it will help improve both both sensitivity and brightness, resulting in better shots taken in low light conditions.

There is also a possibility that autofocus speed will be increased too, which should, in theory, help take spontaneous snaps while reducing blur and out-of-focus shots. The bump up from 8-12 megapixels should also help retain detail, even when cropping/zooming in.

As always, it's best to take these whispers with a pinch (or spoonful) of salt, but the fact that Sony's RBGW sensors do actually exist actually make this latest rumour seem rather feasible. Stay tuned for more info, as and when we get it.

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