iPhone 6s apparently has a smaller battery than its predecessor

But according to Apple that doesn't affect its longevity

If you're the kind of person who gets worked up by smartphone battery capacities, have we got a story for you. You’re going to be fuming. FUMING.

Apple doesn’t talk much about battery capacities, instead giving “real world” times for battery life. Fair enough. But while the iPhone 6 had a battery capacity of 1810mAh, Apple’s video showing off the iPhone 6s apparently reveals that the new model has “just” 1715mAh.

If you haven’t already tossed whichever device you’re reading this on across the room in incandescent rage at this stunning betrayal, it actually does seem as though the revelation means, well… absolutely nothing.

According to Apple, the iPhone 6s offers precisely the same battery life as the iPhone 6. That’s 14 hours of talk time on 3G; 10 hours of internet use on 3G or 4G (11 if you’re using Wi-Fi); and up to 50 hours of audio playback or 11 hours of HD video playback. Apparently, Apple has found new ways to improve efficiency.

For the spec-obsessed, however, the iPhone’s tiny battery capacity is likely to be a talking point. After all, many flagship Android phones have much, much larger capacities: the Samsung Galaxy S6 has 2550mAh; the LG G4 has 3000mAh; the Sony Xperia Z5 has 2900mAh. All offer better battery life than the iPhone.

Why doesn’t Apple follow suit in order to deliver an iPhone with even better staying power? It could be that it wants to keep everything supremely thin, of course (that makes the most sense to us), or it could just be Apple being Apple and not feeling like it has to go down the same road as other manufacturers. Whatever the case, it’s likely to attract criticism for its choice.

[Source: GSM Arena]