Intel Security and Micromax team up to offer McAfee’s mobile protection suite

Starting April, Micromax phones will come with McAfee Mobile Assistant pre-installed

The apple of your eye? We betcha it’s not your firstborn. Nope, it’s your phone. You argue with the Twitterati, put up duck faced selfies on Facebook, and even do your banking on it. But there are ‘bad dudes’ (to borrow a phrase from Mr Trump) looking to get into your mobile. So how do you stay safe?

Intel Security and Micromax have the solution to your worries about mobile malware, hackers, and pesky spies. From April onwards, Micromax phones will come with McAfee Mobile Assistant pre-installed. So what does this app do?

In a nutshell, it’s a comprehensive maintenance app for your smartphone. There’s a malware scanner (duh), but the folks at McAfee haven’t stopped there. Other features you’ll find include a memory booster to free up precious RAM when you’ve got too many apps running, a battery optimiser to keep an eye on power-hungry apps, and a storage manager to help free up space.

McAfee Mobile Assistant will be available at no extra cost for buyers of new Micromax devices (some older models will also get an OTA update).