This insane camera blows your smartphone away with an incredible 16 lenses

DSLR-like performance promised. Colour us very intrigued...


Looks mental doesn't it. Stark-raving bonkers. But yes, just to alleviate your doubt, those circles aren't just for show. Each one really is a lens.

Say hello to Light16 - a camera with 16 freaking lenses.

16 lenses? Why!? Spider vision?

Most spiders tend to have eight eyes, but that's besides the point. The aim of Light16 is to capture DSLR-like quality photos, in a form factor that can easily slip into your pocket.

The lenses themselves have different foal lengths, offering a variety of zoom equivalents ranging from 35mm to 150mm. Clever software is then able to stitch all of these individual images together, to provide an incredibly detailed 52MP photo.

Not only that, but it can do things that DSLRs can't - like accurate, powerful, post-shot selective focus. Want a blurry background? No problem. Adjust a slider in the included software, and you've got yourself an instant bokeh effect, using the original photo.

Low light shooting is also taken care of by selecting the best multiple lenses for the job, before an algorithm stitches them together, making sure that everything is exposed correctly.

The back looks naked.

An astute observation. The only real physical button on the L16 is the shutter button. Everything else is taken care of by the on-screen touchscreen controls.

Professionals might scoff at the lack of a thousand tiny buttons and switches, but embrace progress, we say. Though we must admit, we do like the feel of a well-knurled knob.

Are we looking at DSLR prices here?

Certainly not high-end prices, no, but this thing still won't come cheap. Early birds can reserve one for US$1300 (about ₹85,000) until 6 November, after which the price will shoot up to US$1700 (₹1.10 lacs).

It won't be out till summer 2016, mind, so it might be safer to wait for reviews to see if all those lenses really do deliver the magic that they promise.

[via Slash Gear]