Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip lets you say what you want in 11 languages

Language no bar

Got a friend from a different state and ethnicity? Catch them by surprise by writing an email in their local language.

It’s really as simple as eating pie. Download the Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip app on your iOS and you’re good to go. Now wouldn’t that brighten your friend’s day?

You may be a regular jock, doing just fine using the basics of Hindi and English on your phone for survival, but there are people out there who could use a little secularity in their language and communication, which your modern-day phones do not allow. The app can easily be downloaded by Apple users and then languages like Malayalam, Assamese, Odia, Kannada and Bengali are just 5.9MB away.

Type to your heart's content

The three modes – English, Phonetic and Native – allow the user real-time transliteration into the chosen script, as well independently as their chosen Indian language. Grammatical correction saves you precious time trying to fix basic words and predictive text only makes life easier for the user.

You can express love or ask someone to bugger off, ‘coz friends, language ain’t a barrier no more!