India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address System

eLoc is India’s first nation-wide digital address

This is being touted as an easy-to-use digital address that will transform historical addresses and disrupt traditional mapping and navigation services. eLoc is a unique, 6 character code (For example, 8GDTYX, or MMI000) for any address across India. It is easy to remember, share and type.

When a person, business or official searches for a place by entering its eLoc, they can see the precise map location of that place, get turn-by-turn directions to the exact entrance doorstep of that place, and also see information about that place besides its location, such as reviews, photos and other information provided by the place’s owner, businesses and governments.

This system will do away with the complexity and hassles of providing multi-line, often misspelled addresses and searching and navigating to the doorstep of addresses in areas with confusing and conflicting address naming and ordering systems. eLoc will help Indian travelers and commuters search, share and navigate to destinations’ exact doorstep far more easily and quickly.